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The Laurel Leaf Group

The laurel wreath is an age-old symbol of victory and honor. It is a circular wreath made of interlocking branches and leaves. As mothers, we need one another and much like the laurel wreath, some of us will be the branches; providing structure and strength, extending ourselves. While others will grow as the leaves, covering and providing comfort while fortifying one of the oldest symbols of strength and grace…even before the crown.

Interlocked together, we are raising the victorious with honor and integrity.  We are raising royalty.  This platform will serve as a web-based community for single mothers raising young men, helping to provide information, support, assistance, and encouragement for both Mom’s and their sons.  We are excited to share more information on some of our upcoming events with you and look forward to having you join us.  We are Raising Royals…

Giel & MeshellSharon

The Laurel Leaf Group

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Sister-to- Sister

As both sisters and Mother’s of sons, Giel and Meshell Sharon have managed careers, school, ministry, life and the many challenges of being young mothers today.  They decided to join forces in cofounding the Laurel Leaf Group to not only tell their stories, but to share hope and encouragement to many other mothers like themselves.


Giel B.


Mother. Daughter. Sister.

Author. Musician & Recording Artist. Entrepreneur.


Meshell Sharon


Mother. Daughter. Sister.

Author. Creative Artist. Designer. Mentor. Blogger

Next Steps…

This community is about helping and sharing with mothers.  We offer scholarships, encouragement, knowledge and community here.  From one Mother to another, you are NOT alone.  Help us spread the word by joining us, or contact hello@theLaurelLeafGroup.com to find out how you can start a Laurel Leaf Group in your area today.

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